Aeromexico Name Change or Correction Policy

Aeromexico enables its passengers to manage booking, flight change, cancellation, deals and offers, easily. Likewise, if you want help with the name change, you must go through the Aeromexico name correction policy and prevent unnecessary charges. When you go through this airline name change policy, you will avoid trouble and can correct the name conveniently.

Aeromexico Name Correction Policy

If you wish to change the passenger name on your ticket after the reservation, you must go through the Aeromexico name correction process and get specific help through its policy to correct the name accordingly. It is simple to do so. If you wish to change the passenger's complete name, you must contact a travel agent and ask for help on time. However, when you correct the name on your booked fight ticket, let's read some favorable terms.

  • You will start correcting the name on your Aeromexico flight ticket within 24 hours before a flight departure.
  • If your flight is confirmed and you want to correct your name, you must cancel it and book a new flight ticket to the same destination.
  • Aeromexico provides basic instructions to correct the minor name’s spelling; you can correct it by delivering valid documents.
  • You will check the instructions for name correction on your flight ticket that you can read before making any name correction.
  • You can correct the name online and check with the name correct fees that you have to pay with a credit or debit card conveniently.

Guidelines for Aeromexico Name Correction

You can’t do without guidelines for the name correction that you can do after going through the instructions that you can find on the cancelation policy. You are permitted to understand the one-name correction of 4 characters or less that can be applied to the first, middle, and last name. If you want to get further details for the name correct and are willing to avoid unnecessary trouble, go through the important instructions below.

  • You can correct the name when you find the first and last name missing, or you notice the name’s spelling is wrong.
  • You can’t change your gender and date of birth under the name change process on your flight ticket.
  • You can correct only four letters of the first and last name of the Aeromexico flight ticket and check with the charges.
  • You are allowed for the name correction when you purchase your flight ticket in other currencies except the US dollar.
  • If you have booked your flight ticket from the official booking website of Aeromexico Airlines, you can correct the name change on its official booking website:

Rules for Aeromexico Change Name on Ticket

When you observe that your name is invalid, and you want to correct it, you are required to use the Aeromexico change name rule for your booked flight ticket. There could be a character limit for the first, middle, and last names that must be known in the points below.

  • You must request the name change within 24 hours before the flight departure; otherwise, you will not be allowed for a name change.
  • You can correct the first and last name on your flight, but when changing the complete name of the passenger, cancel your flight and book a new one with an updated title and other details.
  • When you complete the check-in process, you can’t change your name, but if you do so, your boarding will be canceled.
  • You must ensure that the name you want to change is mentioned on your passport's official Photo.

Aeromexico Ticket Name Change Requests

Aeromexico allows you to change your name by following the name correction policy suitably. You must read some essential points for the name change request for your flight.

  • When you wish to change your maiden name and vice versa, represent a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.
  • You can change the additional name and pay the applicable fare as per the name change policy on Aeromexico Airlines and avoid charges.
  • When you type the wrong spelling of the name, you can correct the word and show the valid document to request a change name.
  • You can request the name correction within 3 hours before flight departure, and your name will be changed using the PNR number by the airline.
  • Aeromexico will quickly reissue your flight ticket with the new name and pay the fees for name change or fare difference services.

How to Name Correct/Change on an Aeromexico Flight Ticket?

If you wish to correct or change an Aeromexico flight ticket name, go through the online steps carefully.

  • First, visit the booking website of Aeromexico ( and go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab.
  • Enter the correct reference number and last name of the passenger, view your booking, and select passenger details.
  • Click on edit name, correct the title, review passenger details with the word, and go to the payment section to make the total payment amount.
  • Receive a confirmation of the name correction on your registered phone at the end of the name-correct process.

Name Correction on Aeromexico via Phone: You can also correct your name by going through the phone call at 1-800-237-6639 and sharing your booking details for the name correction. You need to have valid documents to present, including a marriage certificate, Government photo ID, legal affidavit, etc.

Aeromexico Name Change Fee

You must pay the name correction fee whether you correct the name online or using a phone call service. You will get the range of Aeromexico name change fee, which starts from $150 to $250 per passenger, and the rest of the check with the name change details depends on fare type and destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I correct my name on the Aeromexico flight ticket?

You can correct your name on the Aeromexico flight ticket online through the manage booking section. You can also make a phone call to correct the name and pay the applicable correction fee.

Is it accurate if my name is written without hyphens or accent marks on my Aeromexico flight ticket?

You must not worry about that; when you put any hyphens or accent marks while entering a name, they are removed automatically.

Can I transfer my Aeromexico flight ticket to another person or change the name on the Aeromexico ticket?

No, you can’t transfer your flight ticket to another person or change the name on the Aeromexico flight ticket. You must purchase a new flight after canceling your flight on Aeromexico Airlines.

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