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When you access and utilize the services of the website, it is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions. You will be the best customer to grab the travel information on this website to manage your travel in your positive senses. Adhere to the rules and regulations that come under the terms and conditions and accept that spontaneously. You are recommended to access our website and understand the terms and conditions by accessing products, services, and content through our online travel website. Access our website to ensure that you have positively accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms. You must accept and carefully read the terms and conditions of using this website while collecting information for the products and services.

Get The General Terms And Conditions:

Read some general notice that you access the website for the services and assistance for flight booking service. You must comprehend the general requirements when you access the website for your objectives' services.

  • You will easily find us to refuse the services to anyone without any previous notice and information due to any abrupt changes in the website.
  • The personal information that you share with us through our website might be used.
  • Your details will be used only for essential purposes when products sell, travel information, customer service, and other vital circumstances.
  • You will notice abrupt changes on the website that can be made at any time.
  • You must confirm and adapt to the general requirements of connecting the network for the products and services.
  • Share your important details during purchasing the services and products from our website and get the verification message to verify the details securely.

Modification To The Products, Services And Prices:

You might experience changes when you choose products and services on our website. You get the information for certain products and services that are subject to change without prior notice to your contact details. Changing the prices, products, and services without notice at might be possible, but you can’t make it change as per your need and requirement. Check all your personal information that will be protected on our website, and we will only your details when we need to advertise our products and services on our website.

Change And Cancellation Fee:

You must be aware that some confirmed booking is not refundable when you cancel your flight. You can’t transfer to another date, but you can choose the alternate option to change your flight, which is permissible subject to payment of an additional fee. Hence, you are responsible for checking if you are booking a refundable or non-refundable flight booking ticket. Your flight changes and cancelation for confirmed bookings may incur fees from travel agencies in addition to our services fee that you need to pay as per the booking details shown on our website.


When you choose any refundable flight ticket you want to cancel, you can expect a refund subject to the relevant supplier’s terms and conditions. When a supplier is ready to refund your flight booking, we will arrange for the refund to be supplied to us on your behalf. If your booking manages and organizes a flight cancellation refund, we don’t provide a refund until the supplier offers a refund through our website. We will not be liable for any delay on the part of the supplier, and be aware that typically most airlines take between 60-90 days to process your refund from the date of applying for your refund.

Deposit And Payments:

You are required to pay the deposit when you book your flight ticket. The deposit amount will vary depending on booking and travel time. Sometimes, you must pay the full payment during booking, and travel advisers recommend you deposit your amount when you complete the booking. Remember that all your deposits are non-refundable for changes of mind or cancellations by you after paying the deposit money or booking.

Get Useful Points For The Online Terms:

When you accept the terms of services online with this website, you need to represent that you are at least the age eighteenth to order the services and products in your state or province of residence. If you are declared at least at the age of majority in your local place and don’t have valid documents to prove when you access, you must not in the hope of permission to use this website. Nevertheless, if you do so, it will come under the unlawful or unauthorized objective that you must avoid with your liable activities on our website.

Seek Executive Summary For The Obligations:

We don't guarantee the services and products you get on our website. We don't expect accurate information at the right time for any essential advice and help related to products, services, or other important activities you do on this site. You might be observed some necessary things that you must check accordingly and go through the regular terms that you need to follow therefore.

  • You will use this website's valid terms and conditions to check for updated information and services.
  • You will get specific material on this website and get general information only when you access the website for your general purposes.
  • You may use an online travel agency for making decisions by consulting primary, more accurate, complete, and timely sources of information conveniently.
  • We can modify the contents of this site without any prior notice and are not obliged to update any information on the site on your request as we have the value to make the changes.
  • Monitor the changes on our site, ensure you get your necessary things before making any changes, and grab the details for your services and products suitably.
  • We are entitled to retain the services fee after the booking is canceled or does not proceed for any reason that will not be our fault.
  • We don't treat you like a travel agent, and you may not receive additional fees for your services on our website.


As permission by law, we don’t accept any liability in the contract for any injury, damage, or loss you suffer during your travel. We also don’t accept any delay, extra expenses, or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by acts, omission, or default. You can read some general notices for the Terms and Conditions that you can read to avoid unnecessary trouble you might face during a flight booking or purchasing any other products and services.

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