Know about United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines only enables travelers to board flights after validating their tickets and matching names with Identification proof. In case travelers have entered an incorrect name while making flight bookings, they have the provision to make amendments to United Airlines tickets. However, all the name modifications must comply with the name change policies made by the airlines. All the detailed descriptions of the name change policies and procedures are provided in the sections approaching.

Quick Highlights about United Airlines Name Change

All travelers who wish to change name partially or completely on United Airlines must be aware of the fact, that they are only permissible to make minor changes on issued tickets. That is, United Airlines does not allow ticket holders to change their names completely, as tickets are non-transferable.

United Airlines Name Correction Important Terms and Conditions

Ticket holders must pay attention that there are some basic requirements that must be fulfilled to make name modifications on United Airlines tickets. If you want to make changes to your tickets, then you must make sure you are fulfilling the following eligibilities:

  • Name modifications can only be made on United Airlines flights.
  • If you wish to make name modifications on code-share flights, then you can only make corrections for the United Airlines portion of the trip.
  • Name modifications can only be made on United Airlines for once.
  • Travelers must be aware that they are required to pay additional name change charges to United Airlines.
  • Only minor modifications or changes up to three characters can be made on United Airlines. Also, they must have valid identification proof to support their name change request.

Different Kinds of United Airlines Name Correction Policies

There are multiple occasions in which customers commit a mistake while making United Airlines flight bookings. For all those conditions, United Airlines has drafted important policies to make the changes. According to United Airlines, the following three types of name changes are permissible, and for the same, important policies are framed. Also, one thing must be noted: if the ticket holder's name change conditions do not fall in any of the following three categories, they have to cancel their bookings completely, as name corrections apart from the following conditions are not permissible.

Type 1: Simple Name Correction: There are some cases in which customers end up inserting incorrect names while making United Airlines flight reservations. Under those circumstances, customers can make the modifications following simple procedures. In order to make the United Airlines name change, these travelers are not required to present all the documents and mistakes are merely regarding spellings or few characters. Some of the examples of this kind of name correction are as follows:

  • All the name corrections which are related to spelling or typing mistakes. For example, if any customer whose name is Mathew during flight bookings makes a mistake and ends up typing Mathwe then he can modify the name.
  • Ticket holders are permitted to change their name to a nickname or vice versa.
  • Correction related to the prefix of the name. There are chances in which customers select Mr. in place of Mrs.
  • United Airlines also allows customers to add or modify middle names. For instance, if a United ticket holder wants to add a junior to Smith Lee, then he is permitted, and his name will be modified to Smith Junior Lee on United Airlines tickets.

Type 2: More Significant Name Corrections: There are many individuals whose name changes due to serious issues like marriage and divorce. These name changes are considered to be more serious than the former option and require proper documents to be handled to customer services. If you want to make a United Airlines name correction due to any such legal concerns, then you must be available with the essential documents:

  • If your name is changed after marriage, then you must possess a legal document that supports your name change request.
  • In case your name is changed due to separation from your husband that is due to divorce, then you must have separation settlement documents ready with you.
  • There are many incidences in which people change their complete name; if that is your scenario, then you must provide a government-issued document to United Airlines.

Type 3: Name Corrections Validated with Affidavit: There are some exceptional cases in which customers do not have valid name change documents required for making name modifications. In all those cases, United Airlines allows ticket holders to make required changes by presenting an affidavit of the alternate name. That is, ticket holders can replace their names by providing an affidavit.

United Airlines Name Change Procedure

There are different methods that can be used by customers to rectify their names on United Airlines. If you are not sure of the United Airlines name change process, then you can select a medium according to different policies. You will understand better by going through the following information:

Method 1: Make Name Changes by Calling Customer Service: In case you have an urgent name change requirement, then you must approach customer service to get your modifications made instantly. You must dial the official United Airlines phone-number, 1800-864-8331 and refer to the auto-generated instructions. Now, once callers complete all the instructions, their calls will be turned to live United Airlines representatives who will help the callers with name changes. Customers must handle their ticket numbers to find their tickets.

Method 2: Make Name Modifications Approaching the Airport: Travelers also have the facility to seek a live representative's assistance to make name changes to their existing tickets. They can reach the airport counter, present their identification proof, tickets, and other essential documents, and request them to make the required modifications. Ticket holders need to pay a United Airlines name change fee that fluctuates from $80-$150. The airline representative will validate the documents, look for the possibilities, and reissue new tickets consisting or the correct name.

Method 3: Make Name Changes Online: If you are a United Airlines Mileage Plus account holder, you can make name modifications online by visiting your profile. The following stops must be referred to make changes:

  • Visit the official United Airlines website.
  • Head to your account by entering United credentials.
  • Press the "My-Trips" option and make name changes.
  • Save the changes.

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