Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

People who have booked tickets with Qatar Airways sometimes suddenly need to change their names due to marriage or divorce or any typographical errors, so sometimes the passengers get confused about the name change policies on Qatar Airways flights. Here, with this blog’s data, the passengers will get a correct insight into the Qatar Airways name correction since it includes the correct guidelines and policies.

Terms and Conditions for Qatar Airways Name Change

Qatar Airways allows the passengers to correct their name, subject to some rules and policies mentioned below. People are advised to go through the guidelines for flight change on Qatar Airways flights before proceeding with the procedure:

  • As per the Qatar Airways name change policies, name corrections can be made in the missing part of a person’s name.
  • In name change with Qatar Airways booking, passengers can completely change their first name, middle name, or surname.
  • The name change on an airline is only allowed when the passenger has legally changed their name.
  • Name changes are only allowed on Qatar Airways, codeshare, or interline flights.
  • Name correction within 24 hours of purchasing the reservation will not charge any penalty fee.
  • Airline policies don’t allow passengers to swap.
  • The name change is not allowed if the passenger PNR number is created via privilege club profiles.
  • If the passenger’s reservation includes a codeshare or interline booking, the airline will not be allowed to correct the name. The new PNR number will be issued to the passengers in this situation.
  • In addition to these guidelines, passengers cannot swap the seats between the original and new PNR numbers.

Guidelines for Name Change before the Issue of a Ticket on Qatar Airways

If a person is making a Qatar Airways name change before the issue of their ticket, then in this situation, other policies will be abiding by the passengers, who are given below:

  • As per the Qatar Airways guidelines, the passenger is allowed to correct up to 3 characters in first and middle name by the airline website or other travel agent.
  • The three characters include the total modifications in the first and middle name, not three character changes in each named category.
  • According to the airline policy, the three-character count does not include adding, deleting, or changing the date of birth or PTC.
  • If a person wants to make changes in the name of more than three characters, then he needs to contact the customer service department of Qatar Airways.
  • People making modifications in their name must present the legal documentation on Qatar Airways flights.

Rules for Name Change after Issuing a Ticket on Qatar Airways

Whoever is curious to know about the Qatar Airways name change on ticket which is already issued, will need to follow the below terms and conditions:

  • Passengers who want to correct the name, like additions, deletions, or modifications to their infant name, must contact the Qatar Airways flight's customer support team.
  • People who have legally changed their title, first name, middle name, and last name must also present supporting legal documents.
  • People can also make a same-day flight change on Qatar Airways.

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