FlyingTrek Privacy Policy

When you access the official website to collect the information, you must maintain the privacy policy for personal information. It commits you to provide a privacy policy in treating personal information that you get about a customer who visits this official travel website. It is widely crucial to gather, utilize, and disclose personal information to perform our travel business functions and activities on our website in a determined way.

Get The Promises And Privacy Policy:

They generally request us for the booking with their personal information to book their flight ticket on our website portal conveniently. Likewise, when you access our website to collect valid data, you must share your personal details and accept the rights you will notice while accessing our website. In the privacy, it has been mentioned that you must enter the phone number and email address to verify your identity and get the services that you need with us on the booking website.

Comprehend The Promises:

We are committed to protecting our website's privacy and confidential personal information with the various physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards you can use while collecting the data. You will go through the best Privacy Promise we provide you accordingly.

  • You need to share your correct personal information that we only disclose to any external organization if we are previously informed in disclosures or agreements required by law.
  • We understand the protection for your privacy that you share with regular data like user ID and password, mobile phone number, etc.
  • We provide superior service advising the best products, services, and other business opportunities.
  • While ordering the services, we collect the essential information for the travel, product, and other services you share on our website.  

Collecting The Personal Information:

When you reach our website page to order travel services and assistance, you are asked to share your details in various forms, as mentioned below.

  • You have to share details, for example, email address, phone number, passenger's details, and address.
  • Please provide details for your passport and other documents that you provide them during the booking process.
  • Share your payment information like Credit and debit card, card & security number, expiry date, etc.
  • We always ask you to share information about your dietary requirements and health issues.
  • When you access the website to gain some details, you have to accept the terms and policies spontaneously and genuinely. 

How Long Do We Retain The Information?

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide our services. It is necessary to comply with our legal obligation, resolving disputes and enforcing our policies accordingly. You have to accept the duration for using our website and ensure you have determined to consider the type of information for a certain time. We always use your data for legal purposes for our business growth but don't disclose your personal information to any other consultant. When you don't require your data, we always destroy the details and keep secure your personal information accordingly.

How We Protect Your Personal Information:

You will get complete access to our website when you order the services and products but don't forget to verify your contact details. We always put some extra effort into implementing the security of the Site and your information forever. Further, we are not responsible for the acts that you gain from unauthorized access or abuse of our Site. We don't guarantee, express, implied, or otherwise, that we will prevent such access to our website.


We use cookies to track the technologies on our website that you need to accept while collecting the information online.

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