Lufthansa Name Change Policy

Passengers who are having their reservations with Lufthansa Airlines want to change their name, so they are suggested to go through the Lufthansa name change policy and guidelines.

  • When making changes to your name, you must know that your LH flight number and flight must be operated by Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Your reservation ticket must be issued with an LH document.
  • Passengers can make only one name correction on the Lufthansa Airlines flight.
  • As per the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy, Passengers cannot swap their names.

What Are The Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Rules?

Passengers need to adhere to these below-mentioned name change rules on Lufthansa Airlines flights.

  • Passengers can only correct up to two characters in their first/middle/last name. The two characters are counted for the total name.
  • You can add, remove and correct your middle name, but you need to request re-issuance and rebook your flight. You must also pay some penalty, including the fare difference amount.
  • As per the airline rules, you can change your name on booking under legal considerations like marriage, divorce, new legal name issued by the government.
  • Legal affidavits like Divorce decrees, Marriage licenses, and government-issued IDs are required as the supporting documents for a name change.

What Are The Lufthansa Name Correction Scenarios?

Here is some name change scenarios mentioned for Lufthansa Airline flights.

  • Scenario 1: If a name change request has already been made, then the PNR is synchronized between the airline and GDS system, which travel agents must ensure. Pay the change fee of $200 after the ticket gets reissued to the passenger.
  • Scenario 2: If you are trying to correct more than two letters, then it has to be completed by the Lufthansa Airline itself by directly calling the Lufthansa Airline agent.
  • Scenario 3: If your PNR number has been created in another reservation system other than Amadeus and Sabre, then you need to create a new PNR number for your original booking in the same class, which depends on the availability and waitlist.
  • Scenario 4: In case the frequent flyer code is mentioned in PNR, then you cannot make any corrections, but you can create a new PNR with your accurate name, and then you can reissue the ticket.

What Is The Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

Below are some Lufthansa name correction terms and conditions mentioned?

  • Name correction on Lufthansa Airline is valid for booking issued with the ticket stock number starting with 220.
  • Names can be changed only once for nicknames, invented names, legal name changes, etc.
  • You cannot change your name when changing names of more than two letters, adding or eliminating the second name, MR, MRS, MS, first name, or Last name of the infant.

What Is The Lufthansa Change Name on Booking Process?

You can use the online Lufthansa ticket name change procedure to correct your name:

  • Go to the Lufthansa Airlines’ website:
  • Visit the manage booking page and enter your booking details.
  • Click the "Change Your Booking" button.
  • Edit your details.
  • Save your new name.
  • Then, pay the name change fee.
  • Complete the name change procedure.
  • Get a confirmation email.

How To Change Name on Lufthansa Ticket via Phone?

People trying to do a name change on Lufthansa Airline booking can also call this number 1 (800) 645-3880. People must provide their booking information and ask the agent to correct their name. Follow the on-call instructions.

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