Know about Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines takes care of passengers during the trips and flies to more than 50 well-known countries. At the time of making Delta flight booking, if you made a mistake in the name, correct it soon after following some essential key principles. With Delta name corrections correct process, you can make rectifications and enjoy the trips without any worry. As per the Delta flight rules, your name should be the same on the tickets, which is reflected in the government ID's proofs. Otherwise, you will restricted from using Delta services while flight boarding with the wrong name.

Terms and Conditions of Delta Airlines Name Change

Delta Airlines knows you may cause an error in your name while getting early tickets. So, to reduce the chance of such typo errors, Delta allows the opportunity to correct names prior to trips with some strict conditions. In case you want to know Delta Airlines name change policy in detail; you should go with the provided instructions cautiously.

  • Online name corrections at Delta flights are allowed only for partial changes in the spellings or alphabet letters.
  • You can make small changes in your first, middle, or last name.
  • You should submit some applicable charges for every adjustment of the alphabet or correction in the name on Delta tickets.
  • Delta Airlines offers online name corrections only 24 hours prior to the original departure time.
  • Only 3 to 4 alphabet characters are allowed for the name modification in your Delta tickets.
  • Suppose you have already requested for Delta name correction and want to make other changes; it is necessary to use per ticket reissue.
  • You can not transfer the Delta flight tickets to some other passengers after changing the complete name.
  • For the successful name corrections on Delta tickets, submit the photocopy of the government ID proof, and it should match exactly.
  • As per Delta name corrections guidelines, one reissue is allowed for passengers per ticket.
  • No name change fees will apply when you correct your name within same 24 hours of Delta reservation and have 7 days of advanced booking.

Change Name on the Delta Ticket through Official Website: After you find the typo error in your name and want to correct it before departure, choose the online way. But, for the Delta Airlines name change process, there are some mandatory online instructions that you should consider correctly.

  • Open the Delta Airlines actual website.
  • Navigate through the My Trips menu bar section.
  • Fill out your confirmation number/Ticket details, first, and last name to get a flight summary.
  • After the Delta tickets open, you can choose the name correction options.
  • Enter the correct name as per your government ID proof, or adjust some letters accordingly.
  • Once the name corrections on Delta tickets are done, pay the associated charges and other fare differences.
  • Thus, you will have the correct name on Delta flight tickets before departure.   

Change Name on Delta Ticket by Phone: Delta customer service agents are available 24/7 on the Phone to help you with any flight-related problems, including name correction. You can call the Delta Airlines customer phone number, +1 (800) 221-1212, and request executives to change your wrong name. For the possible name corrections on the Phone, tell them your booking reference or ticket number, first, and last name. Delta's available agents will check your name change eligibility and help you with the same. Tell your correct name along with spellings with the educated executives and they will also ask for the "name correction fees" on Delta's official page. After you submit the name change fees on the Delta Airlines payments link, within some time your name correction process will be successful on the call. Further, it is advised to carry proof of the original government ID for name verification during boarding.

What is the Delta Airlines Name Change Cost?

When you want to have the correct name on Delta flight tickets after some rectification, you need to submit some additional cost according to policy. To have the modification in your name prior to the trip, you should submit the average Delta Airlines name change fees, which will be around $ 25 to $70 per letter on single flight tickets. Before making any changes in the name of Delta flight tickets, ensure the actual cost is calculated from the airline's official page or through customer service. However, the name correction fee variations are basically due to a number of letters, destinations, and other price differences.

What Types of Passenger Name Change Delta Support?

It is essential to understand what types of name corrections are allowed on Delta Airlines flight tickets before scheduled departure. Here, Delta sheds some light on the name correction types, and it is arranged in the given step with complete information.

  • Add a middle name to Delta Airlines ticket: Middle name corrections or updates are allowed on Delta tickets and you can do it either through the Airlines official page or by Phone. Name corrections are usually mentioned in abbreviations, so confirm this by sharing the official documents that carry middle names.
  • Change surname after marriage or divorce to Delta flight ticket: If you have a recent marriage or divorce and have already booked tickets, Delta gives the option of last name corrections while traveling with your spouse. However, to modify the surname, it is suggested that a soft copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree documents be shared.
  • Minor Spelling mistake correction on Delta ticket: After the Delta ticket reservation, you noticed that minor spelling mistakes exist; you can rectify it easily. So, you can amend your name partially for free or with some applicable charges.

Can I Transfer My Delta Airlines Flight Tickets to Another Passenger?

Your tickets will be canceled when you try to transfer Delta tickets to another person. It is because Delta Airlines has strict "Non-Transferable" guidelines, and you cannot replace it with someone else name completely. However, in the event of a typo error, you can make possible corrections in your name before using Delta Airlines services.

Hence, with sufficient details above, you can understand the Delta name correction procedures, costs, and its policies.

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