Know About Qatar Airways Pet Policy

What fun would a vacation be if you were not able to take your four-legged and furry friends along? Qatar Airways has been providing unprecedented service to all the passengers, along with giving them the flexibility to bring along their pets to make travel much more consequential.

The below-provided insights give a clear idea of the Qatar Airways pet policy that has been formulated keeping in mind the interests of the passenger and their pets.

Description of the Qatar Airways Pet Policy

The passenger needs to follow the policy that has been put together separately by airline for in-cabin and checked luggage rules for pets.

Qatar Airways Pet Policy for In-Cabin Travel

The passengers are allowed to carry certain pets with them in the cabin by following the Qatar Airways pet policy for in-cabin travel, which is:

  • Only service and psychiatric dogs are allowed to be carried in the cabin with the passengers. No additional fee is charged for the same.
  • Economy class allows the passenger to carry Falcons with a limitation of a total of 6 Falcons on-board. The passenger must carry all the necessary authorized documentation permitting the bird into the cabin. The bird should weigh less than 8 kg and should not be more than 8 weeks old.
  • Cats and dogs other than under special request taken are not allowed to travel with the passenger on the flight.

Note: The passenger needs to check in the pets atleast 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Also, the fee charged is between 100 to 600 USD.

Qatar Airways Checked Luggage Pet Travel Policy

Airlines have differentiated Qatar Airways checked luggage pet travel policy, which is given here:

  • The airlines allow the passengers to check in their cats, dogs, and other animals, given they are not a threat to passengers.
  • Passengers can only send in pets through the checked baggage, which are older than 12 weeks, with their weight not exceeding 8 kg.
  • The specifications for the box for carriage are 40 x 25 x 23 cm, which the passenger needs to adhere to.

Restrictions Imposed on The Pets That can be Carried

The passenger cannot carry the pets if they come under the categories described below:

  • Dogs and cats that are more than 6 weeks pregnant are not allowed on flights unless the passenger has an authorized fitness certificate of the animal for travel.
  • Younger animals with no more than eight weeks are not allowed, and the animals carried for research purposes will be denied boarding the flight.
  • Breeds of dogs and cats that are at high risk of extreme weather conditions are not permitted to travel.

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