What is the British Airways Pet Policy?

Traveling with Pets at British Airways is convenient nowadays due to their passenger-friendly policies. So, you need not bother if you are a pet parent, as you can conveniently travel with your Pet after reading the British Airways pet policy. There are specific rules and regulations for pets to travel. It will be helpful if you read the segment below to understand the requirements and each point in detail.

Pet Criteria

According to the British Airways policy for pets, only cats, dogs, and certified emotional support animals are allowed to travel in the aircraft’s hold for security reasons. If traveling with a recognized emotional support dog in your Cabin, you need not pay any charges. But, the service can’t be booked online as you have to do it by visiting the customer service desk at the airport.


If you want to travel with your Pet in the Cabin, then it must be a certified emotional support animal as per the British Airways cabin pet policy. Any other pet is strictly prohibited from flying in the Cabin at British Airways for the safety of fellow passengers. 

Checked Baggage

You also have the option to transport your Pet as British Airways checked baggage. But there are a few points that you must consider if you are transporting your Pet from the UK as checked luggage.

  • Passengers must find the shortest route for the convenience of the Pets.
  • You must keep all the necessary documents/ certificates handy.
  • A customized crate, as per the measurement of your Pet, is also required.


British Airways transports live animals as Cargo with the help of IAS Cargo and an agent who is required to book the transport and other essentials. You must find an agent if you want to transport your Pet in Cargo. A Health Certificate/ proof issued by a licensed veterinarian at least ten days before the scheduled travel date is also required.

There are some specific animals allowed to be transported as Cargo, which includes Dogs, Cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, monkeys, ferrets, snakes, tropical fish, and more. Large animals, such as cattle, horses, etc., must be handled by an approved agent 

Emotional Support/Service Animal

The Assistance or Emotional Support dogs that are trained to help passengers with disabilities or mental conditions are allowed to travel in the Cabin free of charge. Still, the airline may restrict the number of dogs you can carry in the Cabin. The only condition is they should be appropriately harnessed and should be wearing an identification jacket, and You must also control them throughout the journey. 

You can book your emotional support dog while making your reservations or you can do it later by calling their customer service number at 1-800-247-9297, 48 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.

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