Get Updated with the Aeromexico Pet Policy

Aeromexico allows passengers to fly with their pets; they can travel through checked baggage or as cargo, and the Airline permits a few chosen animals, like cats and dogs, that can be caged while travelling. Certain terms and conditions must be taken care of so you and the other passengers can have a comfortable flight without any hassle; you can grab the knowledge by reading the Aeromexico pet policy points mentioned below and get updated with the rules and regulations of the Airline.

  • Your pet's age should be at least 10 weeks old while you are flying with Aeromexico.
  • According to the Airline policy, the pet and its owner should fly on the same flight.
  • As per the Airline pet policy, the pets are said to remain in the cages throughout the flight for security reasons.
  • You must be traveling with all the necessary health documents of your pet while traveling.
  • In the case of an emergency, the pet will not be given Oxygen.
  • After the flight takes off, you cannot feed your pet.

How Much is Aeromexico's Pet Travel Fee?

If you are traveling with your pet on an Aeromexico flight, you must pay the Aeromexico pet fee to the Airline, as required. Grab the information from the below points to be aware of the digits.

  • If your pet is traveling in the cabin for that, you have to pay $258.
  • And if the pet is traveling under the baggage hold, then the Airline charges you $168.
  • You do not have to pay any charges to the Airline if the pets travel for service and emotional support.

What Documents are Required to Fly with a Pet with Aeromexico?

While traveling with pets, you have to take care of several things; also, make sure you carry the important documents along with you, like a good health certificate of your pet, and also the vaccination proof and other relevant documents as per the requirement.

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