Air Canada Pet Policy

In case a person wants to travel with their pet during their traveling so in this case, they can book with Air Canada to travel along with their pet. So, whoever wants to travel with a pet can continue reading this blog’s information to understand the Air Canada pet policy to avoid any confusion and problems. Air Canada provides this pet traveling service on their flights which attract to passengers for more booking.

Terms and Conditions to Travel with Pet on Air Canada?

Sometimes people who will carry a pet during their flight are confused about whether their pet will travel in the Cabin or will ship as Air Canada pet cargo so, for this confusion, read the below guidelines for carrying pets on Air Canada flights:

  • Passengers are allowed to carry pets in the Cabin or can travel with pets as baggage in pressurized and temperature-controlled areas of the flight and can be shipped as cargo.
  • To travel with your pet in an Air Canada cabin, your pet must have these qualifications; you should not travel with more than one pet, pre-registration with your pet in advance under 24 hours of booking, and many more.
  • Passengers also need to mention their pet's weight and breed when making the pet reservation.
  • The maximum size of a pet carrier is 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm.
  • To travel with an Air Canada cabin, check-in 30 minutes before your flight departure.
  • If you want to carry your pet as checked baggage, then your pet must comfortably remain in its kennel during the whole journey, and the kennel must meet all the requirements for weight and size.
  • When traveling with your pet, you must also mention all the necessary health documents.
  • Whoever wants to ship their pet as cargo on Air Canada is required to contact the Air Canada cargo customer service for more information regarding traveling with pets.

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Travel with a Pet on Air Canada?

People who want to travel in the Cabin will need to pay $50 or $100 per direction, which totally depends on the itinerary. On Air Canada flights, passengers carrying pets in the baggage compartment must pay $105.

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