What Days are Southwest Airlines Tickets Cheapest?

Typically, the soft spot for Southwest flights is the time when travelers usually avoid traveling, and that time is the cheapest day on Southwest. If you look at the flight rates of Southwest flights, then you will know that it's no longer hidden any more than Southwest flights are cheaper on Tuesdays. And Thursdays. If you are planning to book, then kindly book on Southwest cheapest day, that is, Tuesdays and Thursdays of the prime week.

How to Get a Cheap Deal on Southwest?

Although there is no specific data that tells about Southwest Airlines' cheapest flight deals there are some tips and tricks that Southwest travelers actually use. Below, you will find about such tricks and tips that you must use at the time of making the reservation with Southwest Airlines.

Booking in Advance.

You can make an advance booking for your trip. The benefit that you get by advance reservation is you can get your flight at a cheaper rate. Normally, airline prices are cheaper if you book 2-3 weeks earlier. If you want to check, then you can use the low-fare calendar, where you can find the flight rates for the upcoming days up to three months.

Using Social Media.

This is mostly used by youth since they are highly active on social media platforms. Airlines run promotional deals for Southwest cheap flight that are offered on social media, and people use those offers to book their cheap flights.

Via Call.

The other way you can use it is by making a call to the Southwest reservation expert at 1 800 435 9792, who can help you telling some underrated vouchers. You can use such discount vouchers or ask for a secure deal and make your trip cheaper.

Price Alerts.

The best tip for your convenience is this setting price alerts. Here, you will get alerts on your desired flights when their prices drop. You can find these alerts on your mobile app or in emails.

Using Reward Points and Miles.

In case you have selected your flight now you can use your miles or credit card points to save more on your flight's actual price. You will find the option to use those points and miles on the payment page. 

How to Book Cheap Southwest Flight Tickets?

As of now, you have understood the cheap tips and tricks to find the deals. Let's learn how you will book Southwest ticket for your flights. There are a few ways that you can use to book cheap flights, which are stated below.

Via online. 

Before going to the reservation tab for re-booking, you can check out their deal section and find if there are any deals running from your destination that you can use. After that, you can simply go to the reservation tab and then follow the standard booking process. 

Via phone call.

  • Dial 1 800 435 9792 and call Southwest Airlines.
  • Press the buttons to choose booking options.
  • you will be talking with the Southwest representative. 
  • you can ask for a cheap flight, and they will complete your fight reservation with ease.

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