Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

LA has a package deal for everyone, be it kids, couples, or friends. If you begin to curate a list of top-rated destinations to visit in Los Angeles, there's no guarantee how long it's going to be. But there are still some major highlights about the place that you can shortlist for your trip to LA. In the United States, this city is marked with a maximum population of 3.9 million residents due to its highly active lifestyle and better encore. You must visit the city for its popular attractions. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles is a staggering hub for multiple Holywood cafes and museums because of its evergreen impact on film production, but the most magnificent of them all is the Universal Studios Hollywood stationed at 100 Universal City Plaza, California. The world-famous amusement park is known for its adventurous movie rides and the small theme parks based on known movies such as Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic World, etc. The place has attractive activities to engage every age group of people including different movie sets, the City Walk for food and entertainment, etc.

Disneyland, Anaheim

LA is very popular for its proximity to Disneyland, which has been attracting tourists to its fun rides and cool adventures. The Disneyland resort has an adventure park, a theme-based staycation, and its live Disney Characters give the visitors an almost real-time experience. The amusement park features seven different movies in its seven visitor parks. You will also love the amusing Star Wars rides, for their 3-D experience.

Petersen Automotive Museum 

If you are a car fan, Los Angeles might intrigue your instincts about the automobile industry as well. The far-famed automotive museum in Los Angeles has currently stationed over 300 different car and motorcycle models since early 1896. The overall reshaping and makeover given to the museum recently has completely turned its outer appearance into something more architectural and remarkable. Now, when seen from the outside, Petersen  Automotive Museum also looks the part it is playing in LA's infrastructure resembling a modern approach.

Venice Beach

Bouldering the crowds to its beautiful sunsets and relaxing vibes, Venice Beach is a scenic destination where you can feel the barefoot walks and the fresh air flowing by your ears. However, it will be demeaning to expect so little from the place, the bohemian markets are setting new fashion trends in the local thrift markets of Los Angeles, in fact, the snaking bike paths also attract stunt guys to come over and practice their skills. The visitors love to watch them do their stunts, adding some local activities to their trip journal.

The Farmer's Market

Tourists who got a nag for fresh and authentic food elements do rate the Los Angeles Farmer's Market with astounding reviews. This market holds its significance due to the relishing history it experienced during the great depression. The market began as an outcome of the farmer's decision to sell their fruits and vegetables directly to the masses by setting stalls on open land near Wilshire Boulevard. As the market grew after the great depression, many vendors expanded the market making it a huge hotspot for tourists in love with food.

California Science Centre

Want an insider experience in a space shuttle? Explore the gigantic space activities held in the California Science Centre now and then. Imax Theatre also conducts live space exhibitions and displays the never-ending underwater ecosystem as it should be. The massive knowledge from the space shuttle endeavors at the center also makes the place very intriguing. But it doesn't limit to just that. You can get more insights on interesting subjects about the earth, matter, and science in their science center, including a live session on our vast ecosystem.

Santa Monica

Peddle your way to the Santa Monica pier, riding along the 26-mile-long bike path on the waterside. The Ferris wheel at the pier is a romantic hotspot, founded by couples looking for a lovely sunset location. The local bars, nightlong entertainment, vintage shops, and fancy boutiques spread across Santa Monica Bay offer a wide range of activities to the tourists coming to see the place from all across the globe.

La Brea Tar Pits

The area's natural history may have depleted due to the massive globalization and modern infrastructure of Los Angeles. But did you hear about the innovative discovery at Hanock Park? If you didn't, the facts about the La Brea Tar Pits might interest you. The 40,000-old fossils found stuck inside the black, sticky tar resemble the immense history of Los Angeles wildlife and natural habitat. When you do visit the iconic Predatory Museum, you can see people working on the old fossils, studying their history on the same lands, and renewing them to exhibit in the museum.

Battleship Lowa Museum

Los Angeles also has a live battleship turned into a museum to let the tourists know more about the nation's war history and battleships. The battleship Lowa Museum is located on an actual ship near the port of Los Angeles. You can buy a ticket for you and your companions to this intriguing museum for more information on the ship's history. There's also a dog hunt to engage the kids with the ship's dog, Vicky. You can pay a little extra for a detailed tour of the battleship, allowing access to the more complex sections of the ship such as the main engine room, the boiler room, the main stores onboard, the combat techniques used onboard, etc.

The Nethercutt Collection

The vintage cars set up for display in the Nethercutt Collection attract car enthusiasts on a massive scale. The collection includes timeless beauties from the American and European car markets between the 1890s to 1990s. You can explore different models, different shapes, and the antique design of these cars during your visit to this terrific destination, located at 15151 Bledsoe Street, Sylmar, California.

Conclusion: The vibe of LA is unique because of its breezy summers and lively beaches. The city wants the tourists to let go and explore freedom with funky activities and versatile trends. The place can also be called an open book for interested tourists who want to know about every little detail of the place, including its history, infrastructure, food, culture, and whatnot.

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