How Do I Call Air France Customer Service Paris?

Want to travel in an airline that offers the best of services and at the same time has affordable ticket prices, Need not worry anymore as the best airline to choose would be Air France to make your travel journey to be seamless. Air France is quintessential in the customer service it provides to all once you make a reservation with them.

For a new booking you would like to make, it is best to be aware of the connecting channels available with Air France, the details of which are given here.

Elaborative Details on Connecting Channels with Air France

There are divergent modes of connection available as part of the Air France customer service, the specifications of which are given here for you to read through and comprehend:

Getting in Touch with Air France by Email: An email can be shared with the airline's customer support team if there is a need to establish a connection. You can directly send in all the details along with the attachment if any at The team would review the shared concern and give in the revert as needed. Typically, a period of 24 hours to 48 hours is taken to give in the response.

Connecting with the Airlines on Call: Calling helps you to connect with the human representative from the team. Simply, dial at Air France phone number, +33 9 69 39 36 54, and go through instructions given:

  • Pick out the language in which you would like to communicate.
  • Listen to all the IVR options and make the selection accordingly.
  • Make the selections as per the requirement and proceed further.
  • Once through with the choices provided, an agent would be assigned.
  • They would help find the redressal you require.

Air France through WhatsApp Support: WhatsApp support is available with Air France, which can be used as required. You can connect with the team at +33 6 99 38 57 20, and give details of your issue. The agent from the team would accordingly find a solution to the concern that has been discussed.

Interacting with Air France via Chat: You can access the Air France chat in case you need to get quick responses from the team. The methodology that needs to be followed to access the chat icon with the airline is as follows:

  • Skim across the official website of Air France. 
  • Navigate over the page to find the Help and Contact icon.
  • Check through the options provided to choose the Contact Us link.
  • A new page would be displayed with all the contact information.
  • Scroll to find the dialogue box for chat as needed.
  • Type in the interface for the query or question you have.
  • The agent would give swift responses to resolve the issue faced.

What are the Customer Service Hours with Air France?

The Air France team is available on-call from Sunday through Monday from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can connect with the agent during this time. But the WhatsApp support from the airline has 24/7 availability, making it possible to you to connect with the team anytime.

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