Air Canada Flight Change Policy

The basic policies of Air Canada flight change have been listed down below. So, make sure to check them before changing your flight.

  • The flight change policy is only applied to those passengers who have booked their flights from the official website or the office of Air Canada.
  • The airline is not responsible for the passengers who have booked their flight tickets from any third-party source. It is advised to take help from where the tickets have been booked initially.
  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of initial booking, there will be no cancellation fees. However, you must pay the fare difference.
  • If you cancel your flight after 24 hours of initial booking time, then the cancellation fees will be applied along with the fare difference.
  • It is advised to change your flight at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.
  • If a passenger has been marked as No Show No Call, there won't be any refund until and unless you have some serious problem.
  • The flight change fees apply every time a passenger changes their flight.
  • If a passenger changes their flight at the airport, then the airline has the full authority to change the administration fees.

Air Canada Flight Change Tips

Passengers must look at the flight change tips before jumping to Air Canada flight change fees because this will save them time and money. The tips are:

  • It is advised by the airline to contact the original booking source for making any changes to your Air Canada flight tickets.
  • Suppose a passenger has booked the ticket from the official website of the airline and wishes to cancel or change the flight. Then, they can opt to change their ticket in Air Canada travel vouchers or receive Aeroplan bonus points of up to 65%.
  • If a passenger has changed their ticket free of charge. Then they must complete their travel within 24 months of booking.
  • Passengers must change their flight at least 2 hours before the departure time of the flight.

Air Canada Flight Change Fees

The flight change fees of Air Canada depend on the type of ticket and the time of changing the flight booking. Passengers should be aware of their ticket type and class of travel to understand the flight change fees of Air Canada. The fares for different classes and ticket types have been mentioned below:

  • Basic Economy- not allowed after 24 hours of booking.
  • Standard Economy- 25 to 100 USD.
  • Flex - 25 to 50 USD.
  • Comfort - 0 to 25 USD.
  • Flexible Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business - 0 USD.
  • Award tickets - 0 to 100 USD

Air Canada Flight Change Fee - Basic Economy

Passengers must adhere to the 24-hour cancellation policy to cancel their tickets. After 24 hours of the booking, basic economy tickets can't be changed. Air Canada basic economy change fee is not mentioned on the airline's website because they don't allow flight change for Basic Economy tickets.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee - Standard Economy

If a passenger changes their flight within 24 hours of the initial booking time, there will be no fees. Air Canada standard economy change fee for the changes made 60+ days before the departure is 25 USD, and before 0-60 days of departure is 100 USD plus the fare difference.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee - Flex Fares

Changes made before 60+ of departure on a flex fare ticket cost 25 USD, and changes made between 0-60 days of departure cost 50 USD. Fare difference will be applied along with the Air Canada flex fares fee, and the remaining amount will be sent to the passenger, if any.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee - Comfort Fares

If you change your flight 60+ days before the departure, there will be no extra charges. However, if you are making any changes 0-60 days before departure, the change fee will be 25 USD.

Air Canada Change Flight Fees – Latitude / Premium Economy / Business Class

Air Canada offers free flight change for Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class fares. Passengers must pay the fare difference, if any, and if the new flight is cheaper than the previous one. Then, the amount will be refunded to the passenger.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee for Award Tickets?

The flight change fee for Award tickets varies based on ticket type and membership. The award tickets can be changed 2 hours before the departure. Passengers who hold Aeroplan Diamond membership are charged $75 USA, and for all other award tickets, passengers must pay USD 100. However, Altitude Super Elite 100k members have the benefit of changing their award tickets free of cost.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Fee?

Same-day flight change policy allows the passengers to change their flight within the same day either by an earlier or later flight. The same-day flight change fees for different classes and fares are:

  • Standard fares ticket - USD 150 and USD 100 for flights between Toronto and LaGuardia, Newark, or JFK).
  • Flex and comfort fares - USD 75 and no charges for flights between Toronto and LaGuardia, Newark, or JFK).
  • Attitude Super Elite 100k, Premium Economy, Latitude, and Business also get the services for free.
  • For all Award tickets- USD 100, and Aeroplane Diamond members- USD 75.
  • Same-day flight change is not available for Basic economy fares.

How To Change Air Canada Flight Booking?

There are various ways by which you can change your flight booking. Some of the most common methods that passengers can use to change their flight booking are:


Passengers can change their flights through the website of the airline: ( Open the website and go to My Bookings. Log in using your ticket number and last name. Then, follow the instructions and click on flight change. Check for the availability of flights and choose accordingly. Click on confirm and make the payment.

Ticket Counter:

Passengers can also change your flight at the airport ticket counter. For this, you must visit the airport early and ask the staff to change your existing flight to a new one. If available, they will book your tickets; otherwise, you might have to wait for some time.

Phone Call:

Passengers can call the Air Canada and talk to the customer service executives at 1 (888) 247-2262 regarding their flight change. The contact numbers are available on the airline's website on the customer support page: (

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