Know About Delta Airlines Check-in Policy

There are different convenient options that can be used by Delta airlines ticket holders for check-in purposes. There are some rules and policies that are drafted by Delta Airlines for check-in purposes that must always be carefully referred to and obeyed by the ticketholders. An important highlight of the check-in policies of Delta airlines is provided in the next section. Travelers can not only use conventional mode for check-in, but they can even save using Delta Airlines mobile check-in. All the relevant information about the same is given below:

What are Delta Airlines Check-in Policies?

Important policies that are set by Delta Airlines to avoid any confusion regarding check-in. If you are not fully aware of Delta Airlines check-in policy, then you can go through important ones that are given below:

  • If any passenger has any special need, such as special assistance, he is not eligible to check online and must reach the airport reservation counter for check-in purposes.
  • Delta Airlines does not allow travelers under 18 years who are traveling alone to check in online.
  • If any ticket holder made any changes after checking, then they have to again check-in for their traveling.
  • Travelers who have made reservations using discounts or travel vouchers such as military discounts or student discounts need to check in at the airport. 
  • Travelers must strictly follow the check-in time set by the airline and do not exceed the limit.

What are the ways of Delta Airlines check-in?

There are numerous methods that can be used by travelers holding Delta Airlines reservations for check-in purposes. If you are wondering what exactly Delta Airlines check-in methods available, then you can proceed with any of the following:

  • Online check-in
  • Check-in via mobile application.
  • Check-in at the airport
  • Delta check-in via self-kiosk.

How Do I Check-in at Delta Airlines Online?

Yes, online check-in is permitted by Delta Airlines. This time-saving medium can be either used by following straightforward steps or by using the official application. This option starts working 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

The Process to check-in online for Delta Airlines:

It is always easier to process the online check-in method as the steps are easier to follow, and travelers are not required to wait for their chance at the airport. Online check-in can be processed by using the steps given below:

  • Go to the Delta Airlines website.
  • Press the option "My trips".
  • You must now enter the confirmation code and the passenger's last name.
  • You can also log into your existing Delta Airlines account.
  • As you get your ticket, you must click on the check-in option.
  • You can now download and print your boarding passes.

Why is my Delta Online Check-in Not Working?

There are some cases in which Delta airline's online check-in does not work, and ticket holders are confused about what might be the reason. If you are also facing concerns checking in online with Delta Airlines, then a possible cause might be any of the following:

  • You have added special assistance to any other additional services to your booking.
  • Your tickets have not been confirmed yet.
  • You have booked tickets via a codeshare partner.
  • You are traveling with your pet.
  • You are an unaccompanied minor.

What is the Process of Using Delta Airlines Check-in via the App?

Delta Airlines also allows travelers to use the official application of the airline for check-in purposes.  This Delta Airlines online check-in medium is best for travelers who des not waste time standing in the long queue at the airport.  For the same, they are expected to refer to the sequential steps given below:

  • After you have successfully installed the Fly Delta app on your device, open it.
  • You can now either check in as a guest or log in to your skymiles account.
  • It is mandatory that you insert your flight confirmation number.
  • Press the option "check-in" and confirm your decision.

How to Check-in at the Airport with Delta Airlines?

The process to check-in at the airport is straightforward. Travelers can directly speak to any of the check-in representatives by heading to the check-in desks. They need to wait in the queue for their chance hence this process is sometimes time-consuming as compared to other modes. The check-in counters close 40 to 90 minutes prior flight departure for domestic and international flights, respectively. As you reach the check-in counters of Delta Airlines, you will find different boarding lanes for Gold, platinum, Diamond, and first-class ticket holders. It must be noted that passengers must reach the respective boarding gates 20-25 minutes before departure.

Check Your Delta Boarding Pass:

Once passengers successfully complete the checking procedure, they need to collect the boarding passes. They can take a printout of the boarding pass that usually comprises of important details such as:

  • Name of passenger
  • Seat number
  • Flight number
  • Flight departure date

Baggage Drop-off Before Boarding:

Those travelers who have already checked in must refer to the points given below:

  • Travelers must make sure that their bags have the correct tags attached.
  • They must make sure to collect receipts of their bags.
  • Travelers must make sure that they follow the baggage limit set by the airlines to avoid any last-minute trouble.

Does Delta Airlines Have Curbside Check-in?

Yes, Delta Airlines offers curbside check-in to passengers. There are a number of ticket holders who wish to check in immediately after they take an exit from their cars. They can directly head to the curbside located at the dropoff. There is no additional fee for curbside check-in. Travelers can also check their luggage from this point.

What you can do after reaching Delta Airlines curbside:

  • You can seek assistance from Skycaps assistance: If you are not comfortable with the check-in process, then you can seek assistance from Skycaps. They are available to help the passengers outside the curbside area.
  • They can take help[p for the baggage checking. The Skycap team member will help travelers to transport and check luggage.
  • It must be noted that if travelers are taking oversized luggage, then they are required to report to the airport's oversized baggage area.

How to Complete Check-in at the Delta Self-Service Kiosk?

Those travelers who wish to save their time after reaching the airport can head to the self-check-in kiosks. They are not required to wait to stand in the long lines and instead add the booking information themselves on the monitors. The checkin process completes within 2-3 minutes. In order to process this option, it is important that passengers follow the steps given below:

  • First of all discover Delta self-kiosk counters at the airport.
  • You must now enter flight confirmation or ticket number to access your bookings.
  • On the screen, you will be displayed a number of instructions that are required to be followed carefully.
  • As you complete all the processes, click on the check-in button.
  • You can now either select your preferred seats or you can add additional luggae.
  • Finally, when all the steps are completed, you can take printouts of your boarding passes.

How Early Does Delta Check-in Open?

It is important that travelers take care of  Delta Airlines check-in times to eliminate any problems. The online check-in of Delta Airlines opens 24 hours before the flight departure. Travelers can follow a simple set of instructions online to process this, and they can simply check in 30 minutes before flight departure. 

How to Get a Delta Airlines Boarding Pass?

In order to obtain boarding passes, travelers can make use of any of the following alternatives:

Get boarding passes by checking online: Once travelers check in for their upcoming Delta flight via mobile application or website, they can get their boarding passes. They have the option to take a printout or download a soft copy on their device.

Get your boarding passes by checking via self-kiosk: Those travelers who use the self-kiosks at the airport can get their boarding passes directly.

Check-in via Self Kiosk: Delta Airlines has maintained a number of self-check-in kiosks at different airports. If you wish to save your time, then it is wise that you head to any of these kiosks. You must enter booking details like reference number and passenger name to continue. You must now follow all the instructions displayed. As the check-in process completes, you can either select your preferred seat or you can get your boarding passes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add luggage after you check?

Yes, it is possible to add luggage even after check-in online. Travelers can either add bags during check-in online or by reaching the airport. However, it must be noted that if you make changes to bookings then you have to again check-in.

Is it possible to check in without a flight confirmation number?

Yes, Delta enables travelers to check in even if they do not have a flight confirmation number. They can log into their existing Sky Miles account using their ID and password, and once they find their bookings, they can check-in.

How long can passengers check for Delta Airlines?

Travelers who have made bookings via Delta Airlines and wish to check in must note that the Airline allows them to use the online mode to check in before 24 hours. The check-in doors close 60 minutes before flight departure for international destinations, whereas for domestic destinations, they close 30 minutes before flight departure. Passengers must reach the airport early to avoid any trouble at the last minute.

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