Air Canada Check-in Policy

Air Canada is known for its premium services at a low price. You can easily check in with the airline and get the boarding pass. You can choose your preferred seat, add any meal or service, and get your boarding pass through check-in. You can read the Air Canada check-in policy to get more information regarding the service. Multiple methods are available to get the boarding pass, and if you face any problem or need assistance, customer service is always ready to assist you.

Air Canada Check-in Times and Deadlines

The airline does not want passengers to miss the flight, so they recommend reaching the airport a few hours before the flight. The Air Canada check-in time at the airport is 3 hours before the departure, and the gates close 45 minutes before the departure. However, you can also get the boarding pass 24 hours before through the online check, and it closes 3 hours prior to your flight departure.

Air Canada Online Check-in

The following are the policies for passengers who check in through the official website:

  • The Air Canada online check-in service starts 24 hours before and closes 3 hours prior to the departure.
  • The passenger has to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Get to the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Air Canada Mobile Check-in

Passengers who have gotten their boarding pass through mobile application must remember the below mentioned policies:

  •  The mobile check-in service also opens 24 hours before, and the deadlines are 60 minutes from the departure.
  • Collect the boarding pass and submit your luggage 45 minutes before departure.
  • Arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes from your flight departure.

Air Canada Self-Check-In Kiosk

Given are the policies for passenger who have check through the self service Kiosk:

  • The passenger can get the boarding pass through the Air Canada self check-in kiosk at least 12 hours prior to departure.
  • Drop the baggage at the check-in counter at least 1 hour before your flight departure.
  • The passenger must head to the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure.

Air Canada Flight Check-in Services

Below are mentioned some of the services provided by Air Canada at the time of check-in:

  • The passengers can upgrade their seats or choose their preferred seat through miles points.
  • The airline will send the boarding pass of the passenger to their phone.
  • Renew, add, or change the frequent flyer number.
  • The passengers can check the baggage access and pay the relevant baggage fee.

Air Canada Pre-Boarding Check-in Zones

After check-in with Air Canada, the passenger has to get to their boarded zone to board the flight. Their boarding zones are mentioned on the boarding pass.

  • Zone 1 - Passengers who hold Air Canada business or premium rough tickets 
  • Zone 2 - Star Gold Alliance members and passengers with premium economy tickets on an International flight.
  • Zone 3 - For passengers who have selected a preferred seat or upgraded their class.
  • Zone 4 and 5 - The passengers who have checked in through the flights operated by Air Canada.
  • Zone 6 - Basic economy fare passengers have to board the flight from Zone 6.

Check-In Requirement for Air Canada

If you want to check in with the airline, then there are some terms and conditions of the airline that you must fulfill to get the boarding pass. Given are some of the requirements of Air Canada regarding check-in:

  • Online check-in of Air Canada opens 24 hours prior to the departure and closes 120 minutes before the departure.
  • The passengers can get the boarding pass through the Kiosk device 12 hours before the flight departure.
  • During check-in, the passengers must provide the boarding pass and submit all their luggage at the counter. The airline accepts luggage up to 1 hour before departure.
  • After downloading the boarding pass from the website or the mobile app, passengers can print it at home.
  • The passenger has to add a tag to their baggage after receiving the boarding pass and submit it 60 minutes prior to the closing of departure gates.

How To Check-in with Air Canada?

There are three simple steps available to check in with Air Canada. You use the web check-in or mobile app or visit the airport to get your boarding. If you want to know about the process for these methods, then go through the given information:

(a) Air Canada Web Check-in

Air Canada web check-in starts 48 hours before the flight departure, and you can save time from standing in long queues at the airport. However, remember that the web check-in closes 2-3 hours before the flight departure, depending on whether you have a domestic or international flight. Given are the steps to check in with the airline through the website:

  • Get to the Air Canada official website""
  • Locate the "Check-in" section on the page.
  • Type the "Aeroplan Number" and "Passenger Last name."
  • Choose a preferred seat as per the availability.
  • Add any meal or special service requests.
  • Download your boarding pass, and you will also receive it in your registered email.

(b) Air Canada App Check-in

Another method to get the boarding pass from the airline is through the Air Canada mobile check-in; you have to download the mobile application on your phone and log in to your account. The mobile application is available for both Android and Apple users. To get your boarding pass through the app check-in, you can follow the mentioned instructions:

  • Download the Air Canada mobile application on your phone.
  • Login to your account with the phone number and password.
  • Open the "Check-in" option from the homepage.
  • Type the "Ticket or PNR number" and the passenger's last name.
  • Fill up the details and select from the available seats.
  • After that, enter the necessary information and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Then you have to download the boarding pass to your mobile phone.

(c) Check-in at the Airport

If you cannot check in with the airline through any of the above methods, then no worries, as there is still a last option to check in with the airline. You can get your boarding pass through the check-in counter at the airport. The airline recommends reaching the airport 3 hours before the flight departure for check-in. If you want to understand the process of checking in through the airport, then follow through the given process:

  • Head to the check-in counter at the departure airport with the hard copy of your ticket and other necessary documents.
  • Add a preferred meal to your flight.
  • Choose a seat of your choice, and your check-in will be completed.
  • Attach the tag to your baggage and get to the departure gate to board your flight.

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