Know About Aeromexico Check-in Policy

Have you booked the flight tickets with Aeromexico Airlines? Travelers who have successfully made flight bookings with the airlines simply need to check-in on the flight departure day and board the scheduled flight. Several ways are provided by the airlines by which you can easily make the check-in for the flight. But before boarding the flight, the traveler must know that the rules and guidelines of the airline related to check-in have changed or altered a lot. To learn about the Aeromexico check-in policy and other related details, read the complete blog.

Aeromexico Check-in Policy

There are some of the significant details that every passenger must be aware of before boarding the flight. The major details about the check-in policy of the airline are mentioned below:

  • The online check-in for the international flight opens 24 hours before the scheduled flight timings and remains open till 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • In the case of a domestic flight, the online check-in opens 48 hours before the scheduled flight timings and remains open till 75 minutes before the departure.
  • Passengers with international flight bookings must check in 3 hours before the scheduled departure, and for domestic flight bookings, they can check in at least 2 hours before the departure.
  • Travelers who are carrying no baggage along with them can make check-in 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Once you have made the check-in, the airlines will not allow the passengers to select the seats. 

Aeromexico Flight Check-in Terms and Conditions

The significant Terms and Conditions for the Aeromexico flight check-in are explained below in the following points:

  • One must have the hard copy or the screenshot/pdf of the boarding pass to board the scheduled flight.
  • The passenger will not be allowed to make the check-in from the airport if the flight ticket is holding any discount or promotional fare. Then, you will be required to make the check-in directly from the airport.
  • If the passenger has completed the check-in process 24 hours and 2 hours before the departure, they will be entitled to complimentary seating.
  • The Passengers who want to change or cancel the flight reservation after check-in can contact the official customer support team of the airline. The agent will modify the ticket according to your requirements. Before proceeding with any changes, you can read the related policy and guidelines from the airline's website.
  • If the traveler has purchased the flight tickets from any travel agency or through a third party, then they will not be allowed to make the online check-in.
  • The passenger who faces any issues while checking in needs to contact the customer support team by using the airline's official reservation number.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-in and Boarding Restrictions

The restrictions related to the Aeromexico Flight Check-in with the boarding are given here below:

  • If the passenger fails to show the boarding pass, then they will be required to make the payment of the reissue fee to get the pass and to board the flight.
  • People who are residing in the US and departing for the flight need to get a hard copy or print of the boarding pass. They cannot check in by showing the PDF or screenshot of their boarding pass.
  • Passengers with checked bags need to drop them at the airline's baggage counter no later than 40 minutes before the flight's departure.
  • In the case of international flights, the baggage opening counter timings are 4 hours prior to the flight departure. The baggage counter opens for domestic flights 2 hours before the flight departure. You can get knowledge of the airline's baggage policy related to the weight and size allowed.
  • The travelers must show valid legal documents before boarding the flight. The documents include a boarding pass, government-issued identification certificate, etc.
  • The passengers will not be allowed to take hot drinks, alcohol, or any liquid with them while boarding the flight, as these items are strictly restricted.
  • Minors below the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a guardian or parents or adults.
  • Smoking on the plane is prohibited, and if any of the passengers violate the rule, then they will have to face legal action or may also be required to pay the penalty amount for the inconvenience.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-in Process

The details of the Aeromexico check-in are explained below:

Check-in through the website: The simplest way to check in is through the website. The steps for it are given here:

  • Primarily, you need to move to Aeromexico's website and then tap on the check-in section.
  • Now mention the booking reference number and last name.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • You can download the boarding pass as soon as the proceedings are completed.

Check-in through mobile application: The process through the website and mobile application are somewhat similar. The steps are given below:

  • The first step is to open the mobile app of Aeromexico Airlines and then sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the Check-in option.
  • Mention the reference code and name of the passenger.
  • Complete the process.
  • Then, the traveler will be able to download your boarding pass through their given email.

Check-in from airport: To proceed for check-in from the airport, follow the steps below:

  • Get the bags checked at the airport at least 1 hour before the departure.
  • After that, go to the boarding gate 30 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Check-in through the Kiosk Machine: 

  • To proceed through the Kiosk machine, firstly click on the Check-in.
  • Mention the details required.
  • Subsequently, afterward, download the boarding pass.

Aeromexico Boarding Procedure

  • Check-in: If you have made the online check-in, then you are only required to carry the boarding pass and other necessary documents at the airport. Those who have not made the check-in can make it from the airport.
  • Checking of baggage: After that, you need to proceed with the baggage inspection, which must be made 60 minutes before the departure of the flight.
  • Security inspection: To make the Aeromexico boarding, you need to go through the security inspection to ensure that you are not carrying any hazardous or restricted articles.
  • Immigration: You need to show the boarding pass and passport to fill out the immigration form. After filling out the form, passengers can get lounge access.
  • Boarding the flight: Now you can board the flight; the gates will close 30 minutes prior to the scheduled boarding time.

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