Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines' cancellation policy is designed to provide you with the necessary assistance when you face unexpected schedule changes or emergencies that may require you to cancel your bookings. By following the guidelines outlined in their policy, you can effectively manage the impact of such situations and make informed decisions about your travel plans. Here, you will find all the related details of Delta Airlines flight cancellation.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Rules

When a person chooses to cancel the bookings they have made, they must be aware of the Delta Airlines flight cancellation rules, which have been listed here:

  • The charges will be applicable for canceling your ticket based on the fare rules.
  • The individuals are entitled to receive a refund of their tickets if canceled within the time limit at Delta Airlines.
  • The refundable tickets at Delta can be canceled, and you will be eligible to get the refund in the original source of payment.
  • The tickets can be canceled with Delta directly if purchased from an official agent or website. If the booking is made by contacting a third party, the cancellation also must be requested from the same.
  • Due to a medical emergency, if a person cancels the ticket at any time, they may receive a full fare refund by submitting the relevant medical documents.

Delta Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

The Delta 24-hour cancellation policy states that a person can cancel the ticket without any charges within 24 hours of making the reservation. The terms and conditions for the same are listed here:

  • The boarding date of the flight ticket must be 7 days or more from the day of cancellation of the reservation.
  • The ticket must have been purchased directly from Delta Airlines and not from a third party.
  • The policy is not applicable on the reward flight tickets and the tickets booked with website offers.
  • The refund for the tickets canceled in the 24-hour time frame will be offered without any deductions.
  • The policy is not applicable for canceling more than 9 tickets at a time.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy of Delta is permitted for every fare type and fare class.

Delta Flight Cancellation for Award Tickets

Delta Airlines has offered separate policies for canceling an award ticket, which states the following points:

  • The domestic award tickets can be canceled for free at Delta, regardless of the boarding date and time.
  • The international SkyMiles Award flight tickets at Delta will be canceled for 150 USD as a cancellation charge.
  • The cancellation window for an international award ticket is open until 72 hours after the scheduled boarding time.
  • The SkyMiles Platinum or Diamond Medallion members can enjoy the cancellation at Delta for free of charge.

Delta Airlines No Show Policy

The passengers who do not inform the airline of their sudden plan cancellation and do not board the reserved flight are considered in the Delta no-show policy. According to the policy, the flight ticket holder lost the purchase amount of the ticket as it is non-refundable in any condition. If the person informs a representative at Delta prior to the flight's boarding, then they might ask for a flight reschedule or a refund.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee

The flight ticket holders who choose to cancel their reserved flight after 24 hours of cancellation frame will have to bear the cancellation charges that are applied based on the fare class and route of the flight. Generally, the cancellation fee at Delta is $75 to $500.

How to Cancel a Delta Airlines Flight?

There are numerous options for canceling a Delta flight, such as online, over the phone, or directly at the airport. One can choose how they like to cancel the ticket based on their preference and situation. Below, the canceling ways are outlined for your convenience.

Cancel Delta flight Online:

The online option to cancel a flight is using the Delta Airlines website. The site allows the ticket holders to cancel Delta flight online whenever they want or require by following a simple process that is mentioned here:

  • Land on the official website of Delta at first:
  • Open the "My Trips" window.
  • Put your "Ticket Confirmation Number" in the suitable column.
  • Then add the First and Last Name.
  • Tap the search option, and immediately, the booking made at Delta will load on the screen.
  • After that, you will have to select your flight ticket and choose the option.
  • You may have to make payment of the cancellation fee, and with your confirmation, the ticket will be canceled at Delta.

Cancel Delta Flight Over the Phone:

In order to cancel your flight over the phone, you will have to contact the Delta support team and speak with an executive. To understand better, you can take help of the following steps:

  • Place the call at the Delta reservation center: 800-847-0578.
  • Hold on the call line for a bit as the call connects with an executive.
  • After that, you can ask for your flight cancellation, sharing your name and the ticket number.
  • The executive might take a few pieces of information related to canceling the flight.
  • After that, you will have to pay the charges as per the fare rules.
  • Then, your Delta flight will be canceled over the phone, and the notification will be shared on your number.

Cancel a Delta Flight at the Airport:

The individual can directly appear at the airport and request for the Delta ticket cancellation. The airport allows cancellations up to 3 hours before your departure. So, you must visit the counter on time, and by sharing your reservation details, you can sdk for the flight cancellation. The available representative at the ticket counter will process your request right away.

Delta Airlines Policy for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

The policies for canceled and delayed flights vary based on the conditions. Here, you can read the cancellation policies of each condition separately.

Flight Cancelation by Delta:

When a flight is canceled by Delta Airlines for some reason, the applicable policies are:

  • All the individuals who booked seats on the flight will receive a full fare refund on the original mode of payment.
  • The rescheduled flight ticket option will be provided to the passengers to the same destination and class without any additional cost.

Delta Airlines Flight Delays:

The policies for delayed flights are:

  • A person can choose to cancel the ticket without the waiver fee if the delay is longer than 5 hours.
  • The individuals can ask for compensation for the delay in the scheduled boarding if it is not due to the weather conditions.
  • A person can request a flight change if the flight is scheduled after 5 hours from the original take-off time.

Denied Boarding:

If Delta has denied your boarding due to overbooking the flight, you will be eligible for a full refund or the same booking to another date. The passengers also can request compensation from Delta between €250 to €800 depending on the distance of the destinations.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

The refund policies of Delta Airlines are outlined here that you can consider:

  • To obtain a refund, it's imperative that you submit your refund request to Qatar within 7 days of canceling your flight.
  • If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of the time of purchase, you will receive a refund for the full amount paid at the time of booking. The total fare will remain untouched by any fees or charges.
  • A flight cancellation canceled within 24 hours of purchase will result in a partial refund. The fare amount will be deducted by the waiver fee and taxes.
  • A refund at Delta Airlines takes a minimum of seven days to issue at the original form of payment of a canceled ticket.

How to Request a Refund on a Delta Flight?

A refund for a Delta flight cancellation can be requested from the website, and for the same, you can consider pursuing the following process:

  • Land on the Delta's homepage ( in your phone or desktop.
  • You can see the "Need Help" option at the top.
  • It will provide you with a help table from which you must select the "Request a refund or reimbursement" option.
  • On the page, you can find the link to the refund request form.
  • As you lead in the request form page, first add your ticket details.
  • Then, provide the personal and payment details.
  • You may have to add a few attachments to the refund request form.
  • In the end, as you tap the Submit key, the refund request will be shared with Delta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta allow you to cancel a flight booked with points?

Yes, Delta allows a person to cancel the flight ticket that has been purchased using travel/credit points. However, as per the policies, refunds will only be issued to the original form of payment used for the purchase.

Is a basic Delta flight ticket permitted for a 24 hour cancellation?

Yes, the basic Delta flight ticket can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase without a fee. And it will also be eligible to receive the full refund based on the policies.

How to cancel a Delta flight within 24 hours?

A person who likes to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket by contacting a representative or from the official website of Delta.

Can I cancel the ticket and get a refund?

The individuals who cancel the ticket based on the Delta Airlines cancellation policy are eligible to receive a refund based on the conditions of canceling the ticket.

How to reschedule a cancelled flight at Delta Airlines?

One can reschedule their canceled flight by visiting the "My Trips" section on Delta's site (, where they can mention the new travel requirements and complete the booking following the site's instructions.

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