What is the Aeromexico Cancellation Policy?

Aeromexico allows some flexibility in managing the ticket efficiently for passengers who want to cancel their flight. Generally, the airline makes a specific Aeromexico cancellation policy, which gives the full information about when and which type of ticket or how to cancel the flight by sharing the cancellation charges. Thus, if you want to explore it more, consider the content below.

Aeromexico Flight Cancellation Policy Guidelines

Before making any cancellations with Aeromexico, you must know about the cancellation policy guidelines, which you will get by following the points stated below.

  • Aeromexico allows free cancellations on all international short-haul or domestic flights: Economy, First, Premium Economy, or Business Class.
  • If you need to amend the ticket or your travel plans, you can request cancellation of the flight ticket, but you must pay only the change fee if the new flight fare ticket is more expensive.
  • Cancellation will be made only from Aeromexico's official site or its counter.
  • If you may face ticket cancellations due to government rules/ restrictions or severe weather conditions, you can quickly request a refund or claim for this.
  • Also, if you interact with any medical conditions/ have a doctor's appointment/ summon from the court/ any legal or official orders, the cancellation will be done free of cost.

Aeromexico 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

The Aeromexico 24-hour cancellation policy states the conditions of ticket cancellation in 24 hours; thus, to learn about it, you have to track down the points below.

  • A traveler can make a 24-hour cancellation without giving any cost to the airlines when it will be done within 24 hours of booking. Thus, after 24 hours, the airline may take its charges according to your fare type.
  • Also, if you cancel Aeromexico's flight ticket within 24 hours of departing the aircraft, you must pay USD 200 to the airline.
  • On Group fare reservations, the 24-hour cancelation policy can't be applicable.
  • Also, this policy isn't eligible for AM Value or Basic fare.

Aeromexico Cancellation Fee

If you cancel the flight ticket of Basic, Classic, AM Value, Flexible, or Premium Fare within 24 hours of booking, there is no need to pay any Aeromexico Cancellation Fee. However, you also have to pay the fee after 24 hours, which will depend on the fare type or cancellation time.

Cancellation: Before flying of 24 hours,

  • Basic Fare- Not Allowed
  • Classic Fare- Not Allowed
  • AM Value Fare- USD 200
  • Flexible Fare- USD 200 
  • Premium Fare- Free

Cancellation: Within 24 hours of departing,

  • Basic Fare- Not Allowed
  • Classic Fare- Not Allowed
  • AM Value Fare- Not Allowed
  • Flexible Fare- USD 200 
  • Premium Fare- Free

How to Cancel Aeromexico Flight Ticket?

A passenger can easily access Aeromexico flight by paying its penalty or cancellation charges to them. Therefore, to cancel the flight ticket, there are step-by-step processes, carry out.

Cancel the Aeromexico Flight by Official Website:

  • Navigate the Aeromexico website on your search engine: https://aeromexico.com/en-us.
  • Seek for the "My Trips" option, tap on it, 
  • Add your booking reference number and last name, 
  • After that, you may pawl on the "Next" button, 
  • Find the cancel button, make a cancellation for the flight, 
  • Proceed to pay the cancellation fare to them and get its confirmation on your phone. 

Cancel the Aeromexico Flight by Phone:

Also, the Aeromexico flight can be canceled by calling the live customer service agent at 1 (800) 237-6639. For that, contact the live agent on this number, and request to cancel the flight, tell about some details of your booking, and confirm it by paying its fares to the airlines. 

Denial of Boarding or Involuntary Cancellation

Denial of boarding or involuntary cancellation is when a passenger with a confirmed ticket cannot board their flight due to,

  • Airlines often overbook flights in anticipation of no-shows. However, if many passengers show up, the airline may need to deny boarding to some passengers.
  • If the airline needs to change aircraft for any reason, such as a maintenance issue, the new aircraft may have fewer seats than the original aircraft. In this case, the airline may need to deny boarding to some passengers.
  • If the airline has any safety concerns about a passenger, such as if they are intoxicated or disruptive, they may deny boarding to that passenger.
  • Involuntary denial of boarding is a frustrating experience for passengers, but it is essential to remember that airlines have a right to refuse boarding to passengers for safety reasons. Additionally, airlines are required to compensate passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding.
  • If you are involuntarily denied boarding, you should immediately contact the airline to request compensation. You should also keep all of your travel documents, including your boarding pass and ticket, to provide proof of your denial of boarding.

Aeromexico Cancelled Flight Compensation for Delayed Flights

If your Aeromexico flight is canceled and you are rebooked on a replacement flight delayed by more than 2 hours, you may be entitled to compensation as per the policy. Thus, the amount of Aeromexico delayed flights compensation, which can be depend on the distance of your flight:

  • Flights up to 1,500 km: USD 300.
  • Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km: USD 485.
  • Flights over 3,500 km: USD 725.

To claim compensation, contact Aeromexico customer service as soon as possible. You will need to provide them with your flight details and the reason for the cancellation. Aeromexico has 7 days to respond to your claim. Hence, if Aeromexico rejects your claim, you can take your case to the relevant aviation authority in your country.

Aeromexico Refund Policy

Aeromexico's refund policy is designed to provide flexibility to passengers who must cancel their flight due to unforeseen circumstances. The airline offers different fare types with varying fees of cancellation and rules.

  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of itinerary reservation, you will get a full refund, regardless of your fare type.
  • Cancellation after 24 hours of booking, the cancellation fee will vary on the fare type and which offers the partial refund to you.
    1. Basic fares are non-refundable and non-changeable.
    2. Flexible fares can be canceled without paying a cancellation fee.
    3. Other fare types may have different cancellation fees and rules.
  • Aeromexico will also offer a full refund for canceled or significantly delayed flights for reasons beyond the airline's control, such as weather events or air traffic control delays.
  • Airlines offer your refund within 7 to 10 business days. However, it may take longer to process a refund if you have canceled a flight booked through a travel agent or third-party website.
  • If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you will obtain a full refund to your original form of payment.
  • You may receive an eCredit for the full amount paid (minus any cancellation fees) if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket. You can use this eCredit to book a flight with Aeromexico.

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