Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

If you are traveling with Qatar Airways, then there are some Qatar Airways baggage policy that you need to know, and for that, below are the following details that are mentioned:-

  • The passengers cannot carry valuable items in their checked bags, like money, jewellery, electronic devices, precious metals, or other things.
  • The checked bags of Qatar Airways will be in the same aircraft in which passengers are.
  • You can carry baggage free of cost by following all the instructions that are mentioned while booking the flight ticket.
  • You are required to pay the excess bag fee above the free baggage allowance at the rate and conditions that mentioned.

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

You need to get all the details that are according to Qatar Airways checked baggage allowance, and for that, below is the following information:-

  • The size of the checked baggage allowance is not more than 158cm by piece.
  • The weight that is allowed or must not be more than 32 kg for a single piece.
  • According to the weight, the checked baggage size must not exceed 300 cm, which includes length + width + height.
  • The baggage fees are applied when passengers exceed the weight that is allowed.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Baggage Allowance

To get the details which are related to baggage allowed in economy class Qatar Airways then, below are the following all the details:-

  • For all the destinations, one piece of baggage is allowed for all: in economy classic, 25kg; on convenience is 30kg; and in comfort, it is 35kg.
  • When you have a flight to/from Africa or America, the baggage that is allowed on a flight is 2 pieces with 23kg per.

Qatar Airways Business Class Baggage Allowance

The Qatar Airways business class baggage allowance is also the same as the economy class baggage allowance; there are three different seat types, and the baggage weight is allowed according to the seat. Below are the details:-

  • When you take a flight from/to other destinations, in classic allowance, baggage weight is 40kg; in comfort, it is 40kg, and in the business elite, it is 40kg.
  • If you are traveling from/ to, then the baggage allowance in all the seat types the 2 pieces are allowed with a weight of 32kg.

Qatar Airways First Class Baggage Allowance

When traveling in the first class seat, there is only one type, which are first elite, and the baggage allowed for all other destinations is 50kg, and for America or Africa, it is 2 pieces with 32kg baggage weight.

Qatar Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit and Allowance

Here are the following all the details that are related to carry-on baggage then below are the following details to follow:-

  • The passengers who travel in business class and first class are allowed to carry two pieces, and the combined weight will be within 15kg.
  • For the economy class, they can carry one bag, and the weight will not be more than 7 kg.
  • The carry-on baggage dimensions are not more than 50X 37X 25cm, including all the things.

Qatar Airways Baggage Fees

If you are wondering about getting information related to Qatar Airways baggage fee with a max weight of 50 and max dimension of 62, then below are the following that are mentioned:-

  • For the first checked bag, the fee is $30.
  • Second checked bag, the price is $45.
  • Third checked bag, the fee is $150.
  • For fourth or more checked bags, the costs are $200.

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

To know about the airline's excess baggage policy, below are the following policies:-

  • Qatar Airways does not allow checked bags over 126 inches or 320 cm.
  • The limited weight that is permitted by the airline will not exceed 45kg.
  • For the First class, passengers can carry 3 bags up to 32kg without any extra charge.

Qatar Airways Missing Baggage

When you may lose your baggage, or it is missing, then the escalation will be made within 7 days of scheduled arrival. You can also track that from lost baggage trace from the official site:

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