What is the British Airways Baggage Policy?

Suppose you are a new passenger with British Airways and have no idea about the weight and number of bags to carry. In that case, you can read the British Airways baggage policy mentioned below before traveling to avoid any inconveniences at the airport during baggage check.

  • According to the policy, the passengers are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage plus one personal item, including a laptop bag, purse, handbag, walking stick, etc., as a carry-on bag.
  • The hand baggage should not exceed 40x30x15 cm in size.
  • The number of bags allowed as checked Baggage depends on the flight route and the travel class.
  • The maximum weight permitted for a checked bag is 32 kg, and the permitted size is 90x75x43 cm.

British Airways 2023 Baggage Allowance and Fees

There are different allowances for carry-on, checked, and excess bags, as brought up in the section below. You are required to pay the following British Airways baggage fee if you are carrying an extra piece of Baggage and booking it online.

  • For the first bag, you are required to pay a charge between USD 21- 42
  • A charge between USD 38- 64 will be levied for each additional bag.
  • You are required to pay a charge of USD 70 for bags on connecting flights.
  • The price goes up to USD 42-70 for the same if you are willing to check the bags at the airport.

British Airways Hand Baggage

As per the British Airways Baggage Allowance, travelers are allowed to carry one hand luggage and one small item for free (handbag, purse).

  • The maximum size allowed for hand baggage is 56x45x25 cm, and for personal items, it is 40x30x15 cm.
  •  The weight must not be more than 23 kg for both of them.

British Airways Checked Baggage

  • The size of the checked Baggage must not be more than 90x75x43 cm under any circumstances.
  • You are permitted to carry one bag weighing up to 23 kg in an Economy class.
  • The Full-fare or Premium Economy passengers are allowed to have two bags up to 23 kg.
  • If you are a Business class traveler, then you can bring two bags up to 32 kg.
  • Three bags up to 32 kg each are allowed for the First class passengers.

British Airways Extra Baggage

You are allowed to check ten bags per flight, including the permitted checked luggage. However, you are required to pay a charge between USD 38-128 per piece if you have booked the luggage online. It goes up to USD 42-150 if you are willing to book the bags at the airport.

You will be levied with an overweight bag fee of USD 70, and your bag will be shipped as Cargo if it exceeds the allowed limit of 32 kg.

British Airways Musical Instruments and Sporting Equipment

Passengers are allowed to carry musical instruments not weighing more than 45 kg as checked baggage allowance with a maximum dimension of 190x75x65 cm. However, an extra charge will be levied on the items over 23 kg.

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