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Lufthansa is a leading German and largest airline globally, founded in 1955. The airline flies to around 300 destinations in over 100 countries each year. Lufthansa is also a founding member of the airline alliance ‘Star Alliance’ along with Air Canada, SAS, United, and Thai Airlines. The Star Alliance was founded in 1997 and is the biggest airline alliance with over 25 members. If you want to Lufthansa booking, here are the quick steps you can follow:

  • To book a flight with Lufthansa, visit the flight booking page on the website:
  • Provide booking details, departure & arrival information, dates, and number of passengers, and search for flights.
  • You get a list of available flights; select the one which meets your requirements.
  • Proceed with booking and enter passengers' information.
  • Follow the prompt and pay for the tickets on the payments page.
  • Once the booking is made, you will receive a confirmed booking email.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

The Lufthansa baggage allowance depends on your cabin class and whether you fly domestically or internationally. 

Carry-on Baggage

  • Premium Economy and Economy passengers are allowed to carry on items for free. Whereas, Business class and First class passengers are eligible for two items. You can also carry one small item of baggage, such as a baby cot with a child, a mobility aid for free, etc. 
  • Each baggage should weigh not more than 8 kg, and the dimensions should be a maximum of 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Checked Baggage

Within Europe

  • With Economy Light, you can carry only 1 item of carry-on for free. However, you need to purchase additional baggage to check a bag. 
  • With Economy Classic and Flex class, you can carry one checked baggage for free with a maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • With business class, passengers can carry two items, and the weight should be at most 32 kg/ bag.

Across Continents

  • Economy class passengers can carry one piece of baggage, a maximum weight of 23 kg. 
  • The premium economy could carry up to 2 bags with maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • Business class passengers could carry two checked baggage with a maximum weight of 32 per bag. 
  • First-class passengers could carry three checked bag items with a maximum dimension of 32 kg/bag.

Lufthansa: Cabin & Classes

You can fly in Lufthansa cabin classes; economy, premium economy, business class, or first class.

Lufthansa Economy Class

  • It is comfortable for all short, medium, and long-haul flights with different facilities and seating options. 
  • On short-haul flights, the in-flight meals service (meals and drinks) is not available. Whereas for Medium haul flights, you can enjoy snacks and beverages. For long-haul flights, all types of beverages are served on request, including; alcoholic, non-alcoholic, coffee, and juices. 
  • You can reserve seats in economy class based on the fare; you can request the desired seating zone or seat with extra legroom. 

Lufthansa Premium Economy

  • You can also spend your leisure time in the Lufthansa lounges for free. 
  • You get extra legroom to stretch out, with 50 % more room on all sides of the seats.
  • You can take advantage of a complimentary amenity travel kit and adjustable headrest to ensure you are fresh and rested when you arrive at your destination.

Lufthansa Business Class

As a business class passenger, you get priority check-in, extra baggage, and access to lounge service. You can also enjoy priority boarding and personal space. With Lufthansa business class, you can access lounges to relax and freshen up before the flight. Once you are on board, you get a full meal, even for short-haul. The business class seats can be fully reclined so that you can get proper sleep.

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa takes care of every little thing for the first-class passengers, from a personal assistant to a guide to the gate to valet parking at the airport. From the first moment you arrive, you can experience first-class services to make your journey as smooth as possible. 

If you depart from Frankfurt Airport, you have enough time to relax before the flight in the first-class terminal and the lounge. 

First-class seats are of high design and quality material that can relax you and be converted into a two-metre-long bed having a comfortable mattress and duvet. You receive an amenity kit and a high-quality toiletry selection.

Lufthansa: In-flight Entertainment & WIFI

Lufthansa Entertainment includes an expansive selection of TV and movies to maximise your inflight experience. You can select from Emmy-award-winning TV shows and classic shows from European countries.

The airline regularly updates its movie selection, adds new releases in different languages, and entertains all types of passengers. From award-winning classics to action movies, you can get something on board for your flight.


The airline provides Wi-Fi for both long and short-haul flights. The Wi-FI ‘FlyNet’ allows you to stay connected inflight as you are at home. Whether you want to scroll through social networks or catch up with some official work, the high-speed Lufthansa Wi-Fi covers you.

Food & Drink

You get a variety of delicious Lufthansa food & drinks based on the cabin class. You can also contact the airlines at least 24 hours before departure if you have any special dietary requirements. Else you can also view the In-Flight menu on the Lufthansa website.

You can enjoy free meals and snacks on board your flight inspired by the region you are flying. First, Business and premium economy passengers can check the menu on the website before boarding. In-flight food is available mostly on Lufthansa flights, except on short routes. Which meal will you receive, hot or cold or a snack, depending on your route and duration of flight?

Special Meals for vegetarians, diabetes, and religious people can be ordered for free up to 24 hours before the departure.


If you travel with Lufthansa, you can expect various complimentary drink choices on board, irrespective of your travel class. You will get a choice of Hot and Cold, Non-alcoholic, and alcoholic drinks.

Lufthansa: Check-In Options

To know about the Lufthansa check-in policy, check-in opening and closing time, you can take a look at the information below:

Lufthansa Online Check-in

With Lufthansa, you can check in online using the page Online Check-in. Click on the logo and insert flight details on the check-in page. The Lufthansa web check-in opens 23 hours before the departure and is also available through the Lufthansa official website.

Lufthansa Airport Check-in

If you are flying on Lufthansa, you can also check in at the airport by visiting the Lufthansa check-in desk or via self-service check-in machines. If you check in at the airport, arrive around 2 hours before the domestic flight and 3 hours before the international flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a Lufthansa ticket for others if I am not traveling with them?

Yes, you can book a flight ticket for others if you don’t wish to travel with them. After completing the booking, you and the passengers will get the booking message on your registered mobile phones quickly.

Can I pay the taxes, fees, and surcharges for a Lufthansa flight with miles?

Yes, you can do that during the flight booking process. You genuinely get the option of paying with miles for a flight's taxes, fees, and surcharges quickly. You can apply for the Lufthansa reservation or select the partner airline within Europe. Likewise, you can choose this payment option when booking online or using any local miles.

How do I book a Lufthansa flight award?

To book a flight as an award ticket with Lufthansa Airlines, you must visit the official Lufthansa booking website, choose a payment method, and select the earned miles. To avoid doubts, go through the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Lufthansa Airlines, go to the booking tab, and select the flight you want to book.
  • Fill out a complete form for the booking, enter the passenger details, and select the comprehensive services you want to add.
  • Select the payment option after reviewing your booking and select the earned award miles so that you can easily log in and check the miles status to use for the booking.   
Can I also pay for my Lufthansa flight award ticket only partly with miles?

When you desire to use an award flight ticket, you must make a full payment using your mileage account. You can’t pay for your flight award ticket partly in cash and miles,  but you redeem the miles you earned with Lufthansa especially.

How many days in advance must I book a Lufthansa flight award ticket?

You can book a flight award ticket within 360 days in advance before the desired departure date. Flight award tickets can also be booked on the save day you obtain the award ticket.

What do I need to consider if my child will be flying unaccompanied?

Consider some of the best points below when your child is flying unaccompanied.

  • You may get assistance booking a flight for your child, who must be around 12 to 17 years old. 
  • You might have to pay the additional fee for unaccompanied children, which starts from $95 to $170 per head.
  • Carry essential documents and Lufthansa care service form during a flight check-in.
  • Getting the free allowance for carry-on baggage depends on booking and routes significantly.
At what age can children travel unaccompanied?

Your children must be between 5 and 11 for flying unaccompanied on Lufthansa Airlines.

How do I make a Lufthansa booking for my unaccompanied child?

You can book for your accompanying child online or contact a customer service center and get complete travel assistance securely.

What is a Lufthansa group booking?

A group journey is when you plan a trip with more than ten passengers who travel together and sit in a plane. If children travel in a group under the age of 12, they will be accompanied by their parents.

How can I book a group trip?

If you plan a trip from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, you can request group booking online. You can conveniently contact a travel agent for group booking for other destinations.   

How is the group price worked out?

Your group price generally works independently of the lowest deals when booking online. You find the number of seats sold online, and its prices get low per booking.

How far in advance can I book a group trip?

When you start your journey with Lufthansa Airlines, you can book your flight ticket within 344 days in advance and get massive deals and offers.

Can I cancel my ticket if I have been booked within a group trip?

Yes, you can cancel your group-booked flight ticket within 24 hours of booking after deciding not to travel, but you must pay the cancelation service charges. 

Will I get a receipt for my ticket?

Yes, you will get a receipt for your flight ticket that you can download and print out as a PDF document within 24 hours after your ticket is issued until 30 days after your trip ends.

Is online check-in also possible for groups?

Yes, you can complete the online check-in which is possible for group booking and choose your required seat and add your important baggage to travel to your destination conveniently.

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