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Air Canada is the largest airlines in Canada, operating scheduled passenger and cargo services to 222 destinations worldwide. With the ever-expanding network and the fleet size of it, passengers get to experience world-class services provided by them on-board with food, Wi-Fi, entertainment, comfortable seats, and more. With all these facilities, the airline also offers excellent customer service, making your journey seamless and tension-free.

You can now make Air Canada reservations via a travel agency, Flyingtrek. Flyingtrek offers the best deals and offers on Air Canada flights so that you save more. With the best customer support and services, you can book your flight online by visiting their official website or contacting them via the information mentioned below.

  • Flyingtrek Phone Number- 1-888-247-2262
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Air Canada Baggage Policy

If you booked your flight tickets with Air Canada, there are certain things to keep in mind, like what all things not to carry in your baggage, how much luggage you can carry, and the baggage policy. Below mentioned is all the information required related to your Air Canada baggage allowance and the policy.

How Many Bags Can I Carry in Air Canada?

At Air Canada, there are two types of baggage that you can carry while traveling. One is carry-on baggage, which you can carry inside the cabins, and the other is checked baggage, which you have to submit at the check-in counters.

  • As per the carry-on baggage allowance, passengers are allowed to carry two pieces each inside the cabin. The size of the bags should fit inside the cabin or under the seats. One can be a laptop bag, and the other can be a handbag, not weighing more than 8 kg.
  • For checked baggage, you are entitled to a free checked bag allowance depending on the type of fare, class of service, and destination. In the economy class, you can carry-on up to 2-bags with a maximum weight of 23 kgs, and for the business class, you can carry up to 3 bags not weighing more than 32 kgs.

What is the Baggage Policy at Air Canada?

There are certain baggage policies at Air Canada that you need to adhere to while traveling.

  • Air Canada baggage weight, size, and limits will be mentioned while booking your tickets.
  • If you plan to carry extra luggage with you, you are entitled to pay a baggage fee.
  • If any of your items not allowed on Air Canada are found inside your bags while security checks, they will be thrown away.
  • Depending on the destination you choose, and the type of fare and class of service you choose, you will be able to carry the baggage on Air Canada.

Air Canada Cabin Classes

There are two types of cabin classes on most of its flights while Air Canada booking. For the long-haul flights, it is mostly Economy and Business class. On some flights, there are premium economy classes. All the seats on Air Canada flights contain entertainment screens and mood lighting.

  • Economy Class - Economy class is for economy comfort. The seats are comfortable, with enough space for the legroom. You get complimentary drinks and food with the tickets. All the seats come with a USB port for charging devices and a power supply. On long-haul flights, get a blanket, pillow, a reading magazine, and more. 
  • Business Class - Business class at Air Canada is all about premium services and extra comfort. With larger seats with more recline, complimentary drinks and exotic cuisines, pillows, blankets, hot towels, premium earbuds, and many more things, you get access to business lounges. Each and every seat is guaranteed to provide access to a window or aisle.


Enjoy your flight at Air Canada with everything you need for your travel journey. The airline offers complimentary drinks and meals to every passenger traveling with them. There are multiple cuisines offered on the flight, depending on the destination you are traveling to. For example, Moroccan tagine, chicken biryani, and dim sum for airlines to Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. There are options to choose from in meals for your babies or low-fat or less sugar or veg or non-veg food options. You also get a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the flight.


You can enjoy the internet on some Air Canada flights and stream your favorite content or browse the web. On Air Canada, wifi is available on select aircraft and specific routes, including flights operating within North America, to the Caribbean, and international flights.

Air Canada Check-in Information

If you booked your flight with Air Canada, you need to check-in your flight. There are two options for check-in, online check-in and airport check-in. Air Canada check-in counters for online check-in are open 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure and close 45 minutes before for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights. You can also check-in your Air Canada flight at the airport. The counters open 12 hours prior to the flight’s departure using self-assistance kiosks at the airport.

What is The Process of Air Canada Flight Online Check-in?

You can easily check-in your flight at Air Canada using your phone or laptop. The steps are as follows.

  • Visit Air Canada’s official website: Check-in Information.
  • Go to the homepage, scroll down a bit and locate ‘Check-in’; click on that.
  • Enter the details like booking reference number and passengers name, then click on search.
  • Your booking details will start showing on the redirected page.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned and click on ‘Confirm’ to check-in.
  • Receive your boarding pass through your email or on your WhatsApp.

You can also contact the Air Canada airlines customer support to check-in your Air Canada flights.

Star Alliance

The Star Alliance is the world’s largest global airline alliance that carries 637 million passengers every year to 1,321 airports and 193 countries. Air Canada is also part of Star Alliance, along with many other airlines.

Seat Selection

At Air Canada, passengers have the option to choose the seats they want. The Air Canada seat selection process is very straightforward; you can select your seat while booking your flight and pay the price according to that. If you do not want to pay extra for the seat, a random seat will be assigned to you at the time of check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy Air Canada flight tickets?

Air Canada is known for its premium flight services at a reasonable price. You can enjoy several benefits if you make a reservation with them. There are two best places for Air Canada ticket booking, and you can get to their official website or contact any travel agency. To get further details on these methods, read the given information:

Via official website - The first and the quickest mode to make a reservation with Air Canada is via the official website, as you can easily book the flight at a lower price. You can also make any changes to your booking through the official website, like canceling, rescheduling, seat upgrades, and many more. If you want to learn the steps to book a flight through the website, then go through the given instructions:

  • Get to the official website of Air Canada: Official Website.
  • Choose the location and destination you want to travel.
  • Select a date for the departure and enter the number of passengers.
  • Pick any flight with the preferred timing and pay the ticket amount.
  • After that, download the ticket.

Via travel agent - Another best method to purchase an Air Canada ticket is through a travel agency. Multiple travel agencies are available through which you can make a flight reservation with the airline at a discounted price. Different agencies have different offers to the same destination. You can compare the price from their website and make the reservation. You will also get an expert opinion by talking to a live agent.

What additional fee can be added to my base fare?

Every airline takes various fees in the form of taxes and charges for the betterment of the airline and the airport. All these charges are added to Air Canada base fare, which is why the airline flight tickets are expensive. The passengers have to pay these charges every time they board a new flight. If you want to get information about these charges, contact customer service. Below are mentioned all the additional charges, taxes, and fees that are added to the base fare:

  • Foreign Taxes, fees, and charges.
  • Fuels and other charges.
  • Navigational surcharges.
  • Provincial sales tax.
  • Improvement fee for the airport.
  • Passenger service fee.
  • Passenger security charges.
What happens if I buy a flight ticket and an emergency disrupts my travel?

The airline does not provide a full refund after 24 hours of cancellation if you have booked a flight ticket from Air Canada and, due to any health emergency or sudden death in the family, you cannot catch your flight. In that case, you can cancel your booking, state the reason, and the airline will refund the amount. However, there are times when the airline does not provide a refund. In such cases, you can purchase cancellation insurance that covers all the charges for flight cancellation.

Can I get a refund for flight ticket I did not use?

Every passenger has a right to claim a refund for their flight reservation. If, for any reason, a passenger misses their flight, then they can claim a refund for the unused portion of their flight. To request a refund, you must fill out a form available on the official website Official Website. Mention the ticket number with other information and state your reason, then submit the airline. The airline will verify all the information and provide a refund based on the fare type.

How do I obtain proof from my insurer that I no longer hold a future travel credit?

If you want to file a claim from your travel insurance, first, you need to provide proof that you no longer hold any travel credit. You have to cancel your refund and file for a refund to cancel all future Air Canada travel credits, and then they will get you a refund receipt. You can file for a claim from the insurance company by providing the receipt.

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